Will benitez

Professional Nutritionist for Runners
2x Boston Marathon Qualifier
USATF Level 1 Certified Coach

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A runner, which is what you are, has one job: to perform. Some runners want to perform better than others and other runners just want to finish what they started. No matter what kind of runner you are, nutrition is fundamental to achieving your goals. After all, you might take a rest day from training, but you likely won’t be taking a rest day from eating.

How well you perform and recover from workouts is dependent on the nutrients your body has been fueled with and the fuel you use absolutely matters. As a performance-focused nutritionist, I will help you adopt the nutritional approach that is optimal for you based on your goals, preferences, lifestyle, access, and more. My goal as your nutritionist is to optimize your nutrition to keep you healthy and to help you elevate your performances.

Even outside of your running, your daily nutrition is important for your health and wellness. Working together, we can not only improve your performance, we can also optimize your nutrition for improved sleep, weight management, energy, stress management, and more.

Will Benitez

Will’s journey into nutrition began with running. During college, Will transitioned to distance running after eight high school track seasons as a sprinter. It was distance running that showed Will how important nutrition was for a runner’s performance. For Will, figuring out the nutrition that worked best for him was a long process, and he learned a great deal along the way. This journey helped inspire Will to earn a Master’s degree in Nutrition and transition his career from teaching social studies to practicing nutrition coaching through his business, On Pace Wellness. As a nutritionist Will helps athletes and non-athletes achieve their goals by guiding them through the process of nutritional changes.